Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Very Own Self

We will know what both the fullness and the fulfillment
of life means only when the consciousness that the
Spirit is our own very self comes to life within us.

~Paul Brunton

Of Note: Like this flower above and its interconnected petals, we too are one with the nation in which we live. Literally embedded in its sinews. Its culture runs through our veins. Thus, as we awaken to the Life within so does the nation, one soul at a time. As nations light up, so does the planet. Glimmers of that Light can be seen and its warmth felt but sustained action is required. By saying the following prayer at noon, we can join a multitude of minds around the globe in a simple but decisive action. Picture Love as bright yellow light flowing through the planet and all its inhabitants: "I know O Lord of Life and Love about the need. Touch my heart anew with love, that I too may love and give."

Today's Weather Report: 40 degrees Fahrenheit greeted us this morning. It was necessary to pull the sweaters out again, if only for the morning. Yesterday, the garden got a haircut, and all of the old canes were trimmed. We are now ready for new green growth which might be right around the corner, particularly after the downpour last evening. The thunder scared the dog, of course, and she laid cowering in the corner. The end of the storm brought her some relief as the ground let out an Alleluia chorus at receiving a little moisture.

Watch For Change Snippet: Unemployment has hit the younger generation particularly hard in. Of the jobs lost last year in the United States, 60% were held by workers under the age of 25. In response, many of these kids signed up to do volunteer work around the nation. The legislation signed into law this week called the Edward M. Kennedy National Service Act will give an added boost to this unmistakable trend. Expanding the current AmeriCorps and Peace Corps programs, the bill will triple the number of community service jobs from 250,000 to 750,000 and increase the educational reward from $4,745 to $5,350. Four new federal programs will be implemented to address current issues facing the nation including "an Energy Corps dealing with energy efficiency and conservation; an Education Corps to increase student engagement and achievement; a Healthy Futures Corps to improve health access; and a Veteran Services Corps to enhance services to military veterans."

Youth aren't the only ones suffering from unemployment, of course. Also included in the bill was a program for older adult volunteers called Encore, which matches non-profit corporations with older volunteers, many with years of experience in one business or another. This program will be set up as 10 fellowships per state and will pay $11,000 per year with a match from the non-profits, allowing them to look at a larger talent pool. As the spokesman from AmeriCorps said: "The silver-lining of economic downturns is that more Americans, especially Millenials, are flocking to public-service positions, many of which are volunteer." Silver-lining, indeed. It may be one sign that the Soul of our nation is awakening. After all, service is just another name for
love in action. And love in action as national policy could change the world.

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