Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Process of Purification

Whenever doubt arises,
see it simply as an obstacle
recognize it as an understanding
that is calling out to be clarified and unblocked,
and know that it is not a fundamental problem,
but simply a stage in the process of
purification and learning.

~Sogyal Rinpoche

Of Note: Purification by fire is the cleansing method on the path of evolution. Baptism by fire is the beginning of the long trek into the Kingdom of Souls. Many do not begin this journey consciously and wonder why all the conflict, problems and havoc in their lives. Only later do they find out the real reason for the apparent troubles. A Master expects his students to have crisis; if they do not, he asks why not? Comfort is not conducive to growth and can lead to stagnation. Crisis and opportunity are esoteric synonyms leading to renewal before the cycle begins again. In this way, onward and forward we march.

Today's Weather Report: Just a nondescript weather day--must have been in the 30's which is balmy for northern Wisconsin this time of year. Our road is completely dry now, no puddles, and the snow banks are receding quickly even in the woods. Soon the daffodils will be up but they haven't shown their heads yet. We are thankful that Marie took this calming shot at the Dallas Arboretum not too long ago because we won't be seeing any such aquatic activity for some time.

News You Can Use Snippet: Columbia Business School had a workshop last Friday called: "Spotting the Next Madoff: Tips about Non-verbal Tells in Due Diligence and the Psychology of Perceiving Emotions." That was a long-winded way of saying they were teaching folks how to tell liars from non-liars The professors in charge of the forum taught participants how to identify emotions in facial expressions much like the professionals do in the show "Lie To Me." In the who-done-it on TV, the professionals unerringly catch the bad guys by identifying characteristic facial features when asked leading questions, like: "Did you kill your daughter?" Mind you, these facial movements are involuntary and universal so cannot be hidden or even masked. But, nothing is ever simple. One of the underlying themes of the TV program is to illustrate how lying and deception, both for good and bad purposes, are an integral part of our daily lives. Do we really want to know if someone is lying to us? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Obviously, universities will be teaching future professionals how to catch a liar in the act. If the same thing was taught in elementary school, the human habits of lying and deception would simply fade away. The spiritual value of truth would then have a chance to see the light of day.

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