Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lovely Ingredient


~Padre Pio

Of Note: As we evolve, we are learning to love. Suffering is available to make sure we learn this lesson well. In that sense, it is a gift. According to a wise Teacher, like freedom, love is a state of mind not a condition of being and is a latent human quality in need of development. Pain and suffering are the accelerators. After they have done their job, we will shine brightly as beings of loving light--but not before. We can remember this next time we face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or a grossly painful situation. It is only then that we can find deep inside the joy that "this too will pass" and in passing will bring us one step closer to our Maker.

Today's Weather Report: Dawn brought a strange sight: rain in one part of the yard but nowhere else. The king of the cats was caught in the sudden downpour and bolted toward the house only to find it was dry not far away. He looked back at the rain with a confused expression. The shower continued for 10 or 15 minutes and then departed, never leaving the one area. The "March Winds" continue to blow and bring spring, finally. Although the snow and sleet over the weekend reminded us that we do live in northern Wisconsin, and it can snow any month of the year here.

Watch For Change Snippet: As the G-20 Economic Summit was taking place in London a few weeks back, another world conference was taking place in Brussels--that of the Global Progressive Forum (GPF.) With an opening speech by Bill Clinton, this group of progressive organizers, otherwise known as socialists, brought together "speakers from five continents to develop a new vision of a globalized world which benefits all." It was their aim to feature debates and discussions on the "issues of global governance, trade, financial markets, migration and climate change, all aimed at coordinating global answers to what are global crises." Capitalists generally have no time for socialists. But if we examined the two closely, we might conclude that no straight capitalist or socialist developed country really exists. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the former prime minister of Denmark and President of the Party of European Socialists, posited that the time has arrived for a solidaristic social model:
"In ancient Greek drama, the word 'krisis' refers to the pivot on which the plot turns, the point at which its resolution, the moment of death or triumph, is decided. How will our crises be resolved? The systemic failings brought to light by the economic crisis offer us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a proactive new start on all fronts. Now is the time to ensure that this pivotal moment is not wasted. Now is the time for change."
Mr. Rasmussen might be right. But could it be that a third economic way will emerge that will bring benefit to all people instead of a chosen few who know how the capitalistic and/or socialistic games work? That is change that would be worth watching for and ultimately standing behind.

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