Friday, January 2, 2009

The Times Have Changed

We have to accept the fact that
many of our institutions are imperfect
not because they were ill designed,
but because the times have changed.

~Ramu Damodaran

Of Note: Perfection is only relative. Evolution makes sure of that. It might be controversial to say, but at some level, even God is not perfect for He too is evolving. Actually it is His evolution which is "dragging" us along. The Higher takes no major step without significant reaction from all below. Some would argue that the seismic movement taking place right now heralds such an event.

Today's Weather Report: Ah, the bright sun is shining with little temperature effect since it's still zero degrees Fahrenheit. Zero is very cold, and the skin burns in seconds when uncovered. I try not to test it.

Watch For Change Snippet: Greg Mortenson was a free spirited mountain climber before creating a new role for himself as international best selling author and humanitarian school builder. This visionary believed that ignorance bred violence, and education was the antidote to the hateful rhetoric of Islamic extremism. Taking action, his foundation has established 78 schools in remote, poverty stricken parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as 48 other schools in refugee camps in the region. More than 28,000 students attend the institute's school. Interestingly, Mortenson's success caught the eye of the US military in Afghanistan. As their focus shifted from killing the enemy to re-building war torn societies, military leaders asked Mortenson to give advice on building stronger relationships with village elders and tribal leaders. Although many have given the visionary grief for working with the military, he has no regrets and said that "he respected the military's willingness to admit past mistakes and seek new ideas about how to accomplish its objectives in Afghanistan and in the broader war on terror." It's refreshing to see that BOTH sides admit the times have changed and have found common ground on which to build new relationships.

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