Friday, January 23, 2009

Many Small Ones

Great opportunities to
help others seldom come,

but small ones surround
us every day.

~Sally Koch

Of Note: The call going out right now is to recognize these small opportunities. It could be said that not much more is asked of us on any given day. There are very few great men and women working for the good of all humanity, so it is up to the us--both great and small--to bring about change through daily acts of good will.

Today's Weather Report: The glorious sun has been out for several hours. If the orb is going to come out at all, it invariably does so in the hour of meditation each day. That makes it an illuminating hour in more ways than one. Temps continue in the teens with a gusty wind, which is blowing plumes of snow horizontally here and there.

Watch For Change Snippet: The United Nations has a checkered history of helping during times of crisis. For example, recently 17,000 UN peacekeepers were routed by Congolese rebels as they advanced toward Goma, and other peacekeepers have been accused of rape and pillage in refugee camps. Little can advance in a Security Council where conflicting views force stalemates such as that in Darfur, where genocide is suspected. Some believe that the world would be better off without the United Nations and that a different organization composed of democracies should takes its place. Yet, the Secretary-General wrote almost a year ago in TIME magazine about his "cautious by resolute optimism" for the United Nations as a united world body: " Every problem of the world finds its way to the U.N., our global crossroads of politics and diplomacy. But if the problems come together at the U.N., so do the often hidden connections among them--and through those connections, the ways to real resolution."

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