Monday, January 5, 2009

Heartfelt Laughter


~Maya Angelou

Of Note: As we ring in the new year, we might take Angelou's thought to heart. Literally. If we let it work it's magic there, we might find ourselves joyous even in the face of adversity. Joy may not show as a broad smile but rather a crooked, determined grin on the face of those striving each day to serve humanity even in small ways, like spreading the energy of gratitude and laughter.

Today's Weather Report: 20 below this morning. The whole house shivered at that frigid temperature. But even at that, the sun did not shrink from it's responsibilities and is now shining brightly, warming the air. Just think, 20 above which it might reach today is 40 degrees warmer than 20 below. At temps below freezing, it might not seem to matter much. But think of the difference between 40 and 80 degrees--or 70 and 110 degrees to realize how much it really does. Marie reminds us in the colorful photo above what it was like in the fall when we weren't discussing sub-zero temps, the snow's depth and snowplowing issues.

News You Can Use: Since we were talking about Heart, another piece of useful information might be in order here. It has been proven that gratitude emanating from the heart can change the brain in an uplifting manner. Try this. Next time a feeling of anger, disgust or irritation arises toward another, instead of lashing out say something nice, like "Thank You" Or "You must be really stressed out about xxxx. Is there any way I can help?" Or even better, the magic words "I Love You." This method works even if the other person is not around. Mr. Obama, for example, would greatly benefit from this exercise as would the country. It might feel strange and unnatural at first, but practice, practice, practice could make it an automatic response. Changing the world is thus in the reach of each and every one of us every day. We might not think that small steps like this could make a difference. But I would contend that small steps like this could create a tidal wave personally and globally.

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