Saturday, January 24, 2009

Each Minute of LIfe


~Paramahansa Yogananda

Of Note: No one could have said it better--the spiritual encompasses each and every one of us each and every day. Therefore, just simple acts of BEING are often enough. Sometimes that's all that's possible. There are those who feel an added tug from their Souls to do the stupendous acts that become part of the official historical ledger. For the rest of us, we face the day knowing that simply living love constitutes a divine quest. Who knows. It is not inconceivable that our grandchildren and their children could look back in the history books and find that as a group Humanity saved the world. After all, that is our destiny. But it all starts with each minute of life.

Today's Weather Report: I thought I might have seen things yesterday when -16 degrees was predicted as the overnight low. You know, meteorologists just can't get it right. It wasn't -16 last night, rather -20! Jim can confirm that it was VERY cold since he ran in it this morning. Our neighbors are getting quite accustomed to seeing this multi-layered dude running up and down the road. Some folks wanted to know what the difference was between running and jogging. Jim's reply: " A race entry form." Jim knows about running races. As a charter runner in Duluth's Grandma's Marathon, he receives a free entry every year. Thus, every year he starts to train but then is sidelined by injuries. We will see what this year brings. The race is in June.

Watch for Change Snippet: Something is happening at the Vatican. First, back in October the Vatican rolled-out a re-tooled Vatican Daily newspaper that featured the market crisis, extraterrestrials and other sectarian topics sure to attract more readers. Then around Christmas, an announcement was made that the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communication was endorsing a new product called iBreviary that was downloadable from iTunes for $1.10, with free upgrades. Because of this modernization, priests can now access their daily prayers on any computer or iPhone. But the most surprising and innovative development was announced yesterday--the Pope launched his own YouTube channel to be updated daily with important papal news items. Monsignor Celli, the head of the Pontiff's communications council said that Pope Benedict was "a man of dialogue who wanted to engage with people wherever they were." What will be next, possibly a Facebook or MySpace page? Maybe so. Pope Benedict himself said that Facebook and MySpace were a gift to humanity and provided the ability to forge friendships and understanding. Check his YouTube channel for further updates.

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