Monday, January 19, 2009

Giving and Giving Some More

A million times a day,
I remind myself that my
inner and outer life depend
on the labors of other people,
living and dead.

And that I must exert myself
in order to give in the full measure
I have received and am still receiving.

~Albert Einstein

Of Note: Today is the National Day of Service. No other day is more important to get the message out that Service is the premier way to attain illumination. Service comes in many shapes and forms--from the simple such as daily meditation to the complex such as participation in volunteer efforts like VISTA. What's more, with the availability of the Internet, folks have even more ways to give. This becomes particularly important to the elderly and home bound. One day, service to others will be part of a school's core curriculum which will not be a surprise because it will first be part of each family's value system. If President-elect Obama has his way, we will be hearing the word "service" often in the future as part of a national agenda. Thus, we may be witnessing the emergence of Service as part of a national conversation, a necessary prerequisite to social change.

Today's Weather Report: Snow fell all morning then dissipated by mid-afternoon. The flakes were large and fell as if they had not a care in the world. Perfect for a contemplative afternoon. Marie was kind enough to share this serene Texas sky scene taken recently.

Watch For Change Snippet: The retail company Target posted the following full-page ad in this week's TIME magazine:
"Follow in his footsteps. This day and every day. Be inspired. Be of service. This year, let Martin Luther King, Jr. Day be an inspiration that lasts all year long. Keep the dream alive each and every day by getting involved in your community."
Apparently, others outside of political circles are hearing the message of Service as well. Companies have often promoted volunteerism, charitable giving and the like internally. This striking ad, black on red with stark white lettering, displayed a corporate act of Service with no tag line to buy anything. The approach was new and refreshin
g, particularly during this time of economic downturn when an inspiring message of hope and a call to action can mean so much.

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