Monday, January 12, 2009

Aspire to Inspire



Of Note: This pithy quote was part of a larger piece that I received today via the Internet from a dear friend. Every day as I connect with folks around the globe, I revel in the fact that in seconds my thoughts can be theirs. Could it be that all of the messages sent with loving intent whirling around the globe from one in-box to the next are silently but steadily changing the world? If so, it would represent a simple act of service to keep these salutary messages flying.

Today's Weather Report: It was zero degrees Fahrenheit this morning but is supposed to rise to the teens and snow a little before the evening. After that reprieve, a plunge in temps is predicted for the rest of the week. The weather forecasters say the temps could be the coldest in 15 years! Considering it's been consistently cold this winter and minus 20 below many, many days, I can only imagine what the "coldest in 15 years" means. Stay tuned. This could be interesting. My heartfelt thanks go to Marie for this meditation-inducing photo taken just last week near her home in Texas.

News You Can Use Snippet: The Internet piece received this morning also contained another potentially life-changing quote worthy of note: "Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly." These are particularly powerful words and provide a formula for happiness in these economic times of uncertainty. Buddha could not have said it more clearly Himself.

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