Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Divine Creativity


~Marcus Borg
Conflict, Holiness and Politics

Of Note: And this is so because we humans are divine creators. Just think, if we turned all of our creative efforts to the nourishment and care of all our brothers and sisters, the world would indeed be a different place. Marie furnished this inspirational shot, a great backdrop to Borg's quote. Some, like my sister, send out love through their creative efforts shared with others.

Today's Weather Report: It was only 20 below this morning, not the 30 below that was predicted. Jim even went running. He looked like a teddy bear in three layers of garments as he headed out the door. I applaud the effort though do not quite understand it. We keep the kitty door covered at these extreme temps. Because of this, the five cats have been bouncing off the walls--a couple quite literally--after which they sleep soundly until the next round of activity.

Watch For Change Snippet: Electric cars are the talk of the town in Detroit this week at the annual car show. Although these alternative vehicles have been on drawing boards before, this time it appears that they are going to make it all the way to production and sales. The problem in the past has been the power source issue which is now basically resolved--though R&D is still ongoing. Two sources said that the sleeper in the mix could be Chinese auto maker BYD Company. This innovator began as a battery company and branched out into automobile manufacture at the insistence of its entrepreneurial CEO. The company's board was at first reluctant to move past its original mission, but was finally convinced when their engineers created a product that would work in cars--one of the first in the world. This company now produces inexpensive electric and hybrid vehicles, which others have yet to offer. What's more, it plans to sell them in the USA and is starting that push at the Detroit show. Not thinking small, BYD Company plans to become the largest car company in the world by 2025. If they do, remember you saw it here first.

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