Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be Not Afraid

The one thing we should
not be afraid of is death.

What we should be afraid of
is having lead an inadequate life.

~Bertolt Brecht

Of Note: Wouldn't it be nice if life were just simple. If like a flower, we could just grow from a seed, produce a gorgeous head, make seeds, then die peacefully. But unlike the flower, we are expected to do something with ourselves each and every day--often times not quite knowing what that something is. What's more, death is like a dog trailing us all the way. We don't often stop to consider, however, from where the urge to move forward comes. Contemplation on that one point could bring Light and ultimately Joy, which in and of itself would be a daily global contribution.

Today's Weather Report: Jim is at the store procuring food for two days as the forecasters say a big snowstorm is heading this way. Up to a foot of snow could fall. Considering we already have a foot on the ground, we could wake up Monday to "double the pleasure." The sleeping perennials under the ground are happy, though, with the thickening blanket over their heads. Marie provided a reminder this week in the photo above of the spring that awaits us in a few months.

Watch For Change Snippet: Pharmaceutical companies have often gotten a bad rap for putting monetary gain ahead of patient need. From the old-school business standpoint, this made sense as shareholders cried for continued excellent returns on their investments. From a PR standpoint, however, their frequent less than benevolent actions often spelled disaster. Along with large non-profit hospitals, many believe that pharmaceutical companies have strayed too far from consideration of the common good. Thus, it was big news before Christmas when the UK-based GlaxoSmithKline PLC announced it would no longer use corporate funds for political contributions. Glaxo's Chief executive said: "We need to ensure that there is no implication whatsoever that corporate political contributions provide us with any special privilege." Along with the transparency of clinical trials posted on pharmaceutical company websites as well as planned data regarding physician payments, these companies have made a start in becoming responsible corporate citizens. There are no secrets is my mantra. When applied to the corporate world, business practices aligned with global patient need could ultimately eventuate.

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