Thursday, March 17, 2011

Strive Diligently


~ The Buddha

Of Note: These were the reputed last words of the Buddha. Strive is a scientific term in ageless wisdom and used among other things to energize students to concentrate, contemplate and meditate without concern for the outcome. The Masters, who see the whole picture, only ask that aspirant and disciple strive toward evolution of consciousness, knowing the outcome is inevitable but over many lifetimes. It takes faith to continue to strive toward a far off goal, but that is what is asked of us as we step onto the Path. Onward and upward always.

Today's Weather Report: We are having a pre-spring heat wave at 55 degrees Fahrenheit! Last year we had an early spring as well with no more big snows after March. So, the snowplow is coming off the truck today, which marks the end of winter. Now we will just have to cross our fingers that the decision to do so was right. On another note, a US-led team of scientists have announced that the lost city of Atlantis may have been discovered in Spain. According to this source, the ancient city was swamped by a tsunami. They relied on "deep-ground radar, digital mapping and underwater technology to survey the site" and old texts by such luminaries as Plato. HP Blavatsky and others speak of Atlantis not as a city but as a huge land mass, formerly situated where the Atlantic is now. It sunk over a period of time spanning several hundred thousand years, and most of it is now buried by miles of sediment at the bottom of the ocean. Plato's remarks concerned the last remaining land mass of the Atlantean continent. The recent discovery is important, however, because it brings to light a subject that is usually accompanied by scientific derision. Once again, science will most likely bring illumination to a topic that needs to see the light of day.

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