Saturday, March 26, 2011

Living Out Loud



Of Note: A computer named Watson recently competed on Jeopardy! and won, hands down. Since then, many have been wringing their hands about how a computer could trump some of the smartest humans around. Others criticized the machine's mistakes, making a long list of transgressions, as if to say "See, it's not so smart after all." The noted author Stephen Baker said both were missing the point. He contends that such question-answering computers will soon be working alongside humans and will push us to reconsider how we learn and think. In his vision of the future, question-answering computers will make their way into law offices, pharmaceutical labs and healthcare settings. People are going to have to adjust and consider how they will "add value that computers cannot." Computers are simply a mechanical extension of the human brain but not the human brain itself. When asked if Watson can think, one of its creators at IBM, replied, "Can a submarine swim?" The Masters have predicted that one day humanity will be free to do what it does best: think, channel and create. The mechanics of daily living will be left to technology, but a technology relegated to the background and not idolized as it is today. Machines will do the work while we do the thinking, which will be based on spiritual values and unselfishly benefit all the kingdoms in nature. Only then will humanity know what "out loud" joyful living is all about.

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