Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guiding the Crying Ones into the Place of Light

Those who have demanded to
be saved have cried aloud,
their voices penetrate into the formless
world and there evoke response.

Those who in distant eons have pledged
themselves to save and serve respond.
Their cry too rings forth and, ringing,
penetrates into the dark and distant
places within the worlds of form.

And thus a vortex is established and kept
alive by that constant dual sound.
And then a touch is made and for a
space and during time, the two are one --
the Saving Souls and the Units to be served.

Slowly the vision of the Saving One
becomes a light which guides the
Crying Ones into the place of light.

~ Old Commentary

Of Note: In times of trial, it would seem that no one is listening to our cries for help. On the contrary, the Divine Onlookers are doing all they can to assist Humanity in its spiritual birth. This is a process, however, not an event. Humanity must do the work necessary to succeed by raising its voice for the good of all and leaving the world of selfishness and materialism behind. But rest assured, the process will ultimately prove successful because mankind has the mind to get there once it has the desire to do so.

Today's Weather Report: Melting snow greets anyone venturing outside today at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. The sunshine beating down helps as well. If a person wanted, he or she could get a tan. This seems of little moment, however, as Japan continues to reel from its multiple problems following the earthquake last Friday. Now a potential catastrophe looms at a nuclear reactor site where the word "meltdown" is being heard. Already, a no fly zone has been imposed on the airspace over the site, and large areas have been evacuated. Some radiation has escaped at low levels. The collective consciousness of the Japanese is particularly sensitive to this issue following their World War II experience. Our hearts, thoughts, prayers and energy continue to go out to them.

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