Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Where There is No Path


~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of Note: The census takers in India were making their final rounds last week before the Sunday deadline. These intrepid public servants were responsible for counting India's 1.2 billion people across 1.2 million square miles--a daunting task indeed. As far as census challenges, few nations compare to India. Most of the land is rural rather than urban and spans from the Himalayan Mountains to islands in the Bay of Bengal, where indigenous tribes, protected by the law, cannot be directly approached. Years ago, due to fears of contamination, the Indian Supreme Court declared these tribes totally off-limits including the airspace over the islands. Thus, census takers approached in boats, threw out coconuts, fruits and other gifts, and took videos of the inhabitants as they waded out to pick up the offerings. At last count in 2001, they numbered 39. No one has any idea what the 2011 numbers will be as the video is currently under lock and key in the national census office. One wonders why the islanders need counting considering they are off-limits to outside contact. Would that not include the intrusion of the census itself?

Today's Weather Report: The morning was gloomy and chilly but the sun popped out at 2 PM and the temperature rose to 40 degrees Fahrenheit! That is almost a spring day in the northwoods. On a somber note, my condolences go out to the nation of Japan, which suffered an 8.9 earthquake this morning accompanied by a deadly tsunami. The death toll is estimated in the tens of thousands. One put it at 88,000 dead. Apparently, one astrologer placed the blame on the "super moon" that will herald the spring solstice next week. That was quickly pooh-poohed by the powers that be, who declared that astrology was not real science, so what did it know. Although astrology has gotten a bum rap in the last couple hundred years often for good reason, for centuries upon centuries it was the preeminent science and was studied by all notable intellects of the day. It is predicted that some day, in a new form, astrology will return to its rightful place in the Halls of Learning. Its treasures will then be revealed for those with eyes to see.

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