Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Real Journey


~Thomas Merton

Of Note: Companies spend lots of money on their distinctive logos. Over time, the trade marks change to reflect the current culture. A review of the symbols suggests that they have become simpler in design, and one by one the names of the companies are being eliminated. Starbucks Coffee just this week announced a new logo without its famous name. Nike dropped the name from its logo in 1995 when its famous swoosh mark no longer needed accompaniment. Why? As companies globalize their brands, names have been the first to go. What's more, research has shown that a rounded design is more pleasing to the eye, especially in India and Asia where economies and populations continue to grow rapidly. CBS has been the one company that got the simple circle design down from the beginning. Its round eye logo has remained the same since 1951. As our consciousnesses evolve, we begin to see the simple patterns in nature. A circle in particular catches our attention because it is the most basic symbol in creation. Divinity works in mysterious ways. Could be that the collective consciousness is being primed by these advertising changes for a recognition of simplicity presented in circles. Farfetched, maybe. But often advertising agencies are the first to recognize what is just around the corner.

Today's Weather Report: What a glorious sunshiny day at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. There was not a cloud in the sky as I shopped in town with a friend. The heat wave had melted much of the snow and ice in the parking lots, which made the adventure much safer for me and the octogenarian. Our road into the house is already getting "squishy" in spots, and that means the drive in has to be done with confidence so as not to get stuck. Moving forward without stopping no matter what is the best option in these conditions that will only get worse before getting better. But I'm not complaining......this kind of worse I can handle!

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