Monday, March 7, 2011

Naught Can Withstand the Pressure

Disciples and aspirants must on every
hand live harmoniously and love.

The violent vibrations of our
surroundings must be stilled by a
strong counter-vibration of love,
remembering ever that as we
work on the side of evolution,
the power of the Godhead itself is
with us and available for use.

Naught can withstand the steady
pressures of love and harmony when
they are applied long enough.

~ Alice A. Bailey

Of Note: As our brothers and sisters in Libya seek liberation, we join with them in sending lighted, loving energy their way. Often we give up too early with our efforts before the energy has time to do its work. The Masters remind us that continued pressure from the vibrations of love and harmony will inevitably be successful, even if from the outside it might look like the opposite. External appearances can be deceiving. It is often what is happening just under the surface that makes a difference.

Today's Weather Report: We were having a veritable heat wave today at 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Water was pouring off the roof so it must have been above freezing there. I cleaned house from the first floor all the way to the fourth in a kind of spring cleaning frenzy. Well, with me it was a slow frenzy and will take several days but it felt good getting the cobwebs out of the corners. The energy in the air is changing, and spring is coming. All I can say is alleluia; we made it through another winter though a large dump of snow is predicted for Thursday.

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