Monday, February 21, 2011

Something has to Change


~ Mark Nepo

Of Note: Many thought that Moammar Gadhafi, the dictator of Libya, was on the way to reform when he turned over his nuclear arsenal a few years back. The United States and others responded by opening trade to the country. Eventually, oil began to flow. Last week all that changed when protests erupted in the capital of Tripoli. Over the weekend, the obviously frightened regime sent in the heavy guns including military aircraft and mowed down protesters. 200 were reported dead. During this drama, other protesters took over the coastal city of Benghazi after bloody fighting. Gadhafi's son vowed to fight until the last bullet. Many wondered what they were thinking by brutally killing their own citizens. Two military pilots defected to Malta with their aircraft because they refused to fire on protesters. Libya's ambassador to the United Nations called for the feckless leader to step down and declared allegiance to the Libyan people as did other Libyan diplomats around the world. The Libyan Justice Minister stepped down as well to "protest the excessive use of force against unarmed protesters." Many pundits predicted the end of the Gadhafi regime. One said: "These really seem to be last, desperate acts. If you're bombing your own capital, it's really hard to see how you can survive." Others said, yes, but he and his regime will go down fighting. Around the world, freedom-loving people are joining with the protesters in solidarity during these raging days in Libya. Where this fire storm takes the region is anyone's guess at this point. It appears not to be abating, however, as the winds of change sweep Yemen, Syria, Algeria and other Middle Eastern countries.

Today's Weather Report: It is a mild 16 degrees Fahrenheit and overcast, deeply so. A very small amount of snow fell this morning, but nothing is happening now. We didn't get the 3 inches forecast for Cable let alone the 12 inches for Hayward. The storm must have dumped someplace else. Apparently, Minneapolis got 13 inches by 9 am. The Birkie cross-country ski race people must be unhappy at this outcome since we needed the snow for the race. However, we do have snow unlike some years when we had zilch at this point in the season.

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