Friday, February 25, 2011

Difference in Belief


~ James Russell Lowell

Of Note: The people of the Middle East now believe that liberation from tyranny could well be close at hand. This change has gotten the attention of various leaders in the region, who have shown decidedly different responses. The King of Saudi Arabia, just back from a three month's stay in Morocco where he had surgery, has announced reforms that his people have wanted for years. However, many have said he has not gone far enough and are demanding more. Even the "liberated" people of Iraq staged a "Day of Rage." The most curious response was that from Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who lectured the Libyan leader for gunning down protesters in the streets while at the same time doing it himself. Recent clashes in Iran with police over solidarity marches for Egyptians left at least two dead. Ahmadinejad ranted on TV: "This is very grotesque. It is unimaginable that there is someone who kills and bombards his own people. I strongly advise them to let nations have their say and meet their nation's demands if they claim to be officials of those nations. Of course, anyone who does not heed the demands of his own nation will have a clear fate." Hear, hear. The president should pack his bags as these words, though probably blocked in Iran, will get back to the beleaguered citizens of that nation through other sources. Certainly they will take exception with such political hypocrisy. It might be the final straw for them.

Today's Weather Report: It is 16 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. Good news! There is plenty of snow for the Birkie cross country ski race set for Hayward tomorrow. 11,000 people have signed up, which is an all-time record. Most of us will stay home because of the crowds, though a friend and I will venture forth in mid-afternoon to see the race stragglers ski to the finish line. The elite skiers finish in a few hours; the back-of-the-packers take hours and hours, and I'm sure appreciate the cheers as they finish the race.

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