Monday, February 28, 2011

Duality as Manifestation of Unity

The apparently contradictory
principles and operations and forces
of nature are in reality positive and
negative aspects of the same thing.

The duality which we find throughout
nature is merely a manifestation of unity.

~ Dr. A.S. Raleigh

Of Note: As Libya goes up in flames and Egypt and Tunisia settle in with new governance, another quiet revolution is taking place. This is not a revolution of tanks and guns, which represent the positive, outgoing aspect of men but liberating change brought by the negative, receptive aspect of women. Repeatedly research has shown that "if you want to change the world, invest in girls." Problem is that less than 2 cents of every development dollar goes toward girls, and 90% of programs are aimed at boys. This must change. Those in the know agree that education and health care directed specifically to the needs of girls, whose safety must be guaranteed, is urgently needed. An official at the World Bank wrote: "Investment in girls' education may well be the highest return investment available in the developing world." But this lofty goal will go unrealized if families depend on girls to survive. Some spend as much as 15 hours a day fetching water, wood or tending the fields. Thus, infrastructure that provides water and fuel is often the first step in communities not accustomed to educating girls. Humanity can only reach its Divine Destiny when both its aspects are expressing their full potential. When that day comes, and it will, a Great Revolution called Awakening will sweep the globe, and peace will surely prevail. Until then, investment in girls is the key to an incremental, quiet revolution, a necessary precursor to the big day.

Today's Weather Report: Another balmy day at 24 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun was out in all its refulgence. That's a fancy way of saying it was crisp and bright with just a hint of sparkle in the air. March is quickly approaching and with that comes the winds of the changing seasons. As winter departs, spring surges in forcefully. We know then that spring is on the way. My sister, Marie, sent pictures today of her lovely daffodils blooming in Dallas. Seems hard to believe any place on Earth has daffodils blooming when we have a foot of snow on the ground in places. But it was nice reminder that our daffodils won't be that far behind--only two months. Not too long in the scheme of things.

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