Friday, February 18, 2011

Governed by Fire


~ Master Morya, Infinity II

Of Note: Everything that we can see is a product of the Fire of Mind; that is God's Mind. Fire has three aspects: electric, solar and fire by friction, the latter representing all that is visible. Fire is governed by universal law and follows a cyclical pattern of construction, destruction and rest--over and over until the final product has attained perfection. Real perfection is liberation from matter but that is in the distant future. In the here and now, what we are seeing in the Middle East is cyclical energies governed by universal law and directed by the fiery minds of men and women bent on liberation. The spark of freedom is a Divine Fire planted in each of us and when fanned, its flaming forth is unstoppable, especially when motivated by Love. The news today holds stories of protesters killed in Bahrain, threats of death to the opposition leaders in Iran and violent protests in Libya and Yemen. Thousands of Syrians held a peaceful protest in Damascus. The Middle Eastern leaders seem to be in shock at the rapidity of the spreading fire, and most are responding in their usual thuggish ways. Someone should send them a memo: the time has come, and they should pack their bags. The energy of change has come and will only get brighter with further oppression. Danger lurks, however, and the successful protesters should be aware than into any vacuum can come good or bad. They will find that it is easier to succeed in fanning the flame than in governing. This is where the United Nations could play a leading, non-partisan role. We can only hope that its leadership is working to assure meaningful transitions in any overthrown governments that result from this current Middle Eastern conflagration.

Today's Weather Report: Apparently, at 5 am a blizzard was forecast, and it was snowing to beat the band. When I got up a few hours later, the sky was clear, and the sun was shining brightly. It was hard to believe that snow had been falling only a few hours before. Icy conditions are so perilous outside, it is dangerous to walk. The dogs are even slipping. Today, planning for a wilderness arts conference begins at the house of a friend. It is tentatively scheduled to take place in the fall at a local college. Some might ask what a wilderness arts conference is? The gathering will bring artists of all stripes, photographers, authors, singers and songwriters to share their ideas and artistic work in an environment set afire by a common interest in wilderness and the environment. If successful, this could become an annual event.

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