Monday, February 7, 2011

The Comet Speeding through the Infinite

The purifying fires of the Universe
penetrate all regions of the planet.
The sparks of conflagration spread
along all channels of karmic action.
The Cosmic course is directed toward
these purifying conflagrations;
hence the comet speeding through
the infinite.

~Master Morya
Infinity II (1930)

Of Note: President Ronald Reagan convened an international meeting to discuss the fate of Earth if struck by an asteroid. It may come as a surprise to many that governments and scientists take this possibility very seriously. NASA even has an operation called the Near Earth Object Program, and Russia has a similar agency. Recently, that Russian group announced that an asteroid called Apophis, larger than two football fields, was on a collision course with Earth. They predict that we will take a direct hit on April 13, 2036. Officials at NASA were quick to pooh-pooh the idea: "Technically, the Russians are correct; there is a chance in 2036 that Apophis will hit the Earth. However, that chance is just 1-in-250,000." It all comes down to a gravitational keyhole, an area in space only slightly larger than the asteroid itself. If Apophis in 2029 goes through the tiny keyhole, it will be drawn inextricably to Earth. That is why NASA said the chances are slim to none. A more likely scenario? As the asteroid swings by Earth in 2012 or 2013, space agencies around the globe will collect data about its path. If there is any chance the hefty celestial object will hit the planet, NASA and the other space agencies will change its course through an arsenal of asteroid-adjusters. If it sounds like the stuff of which Sci-Fi is made, it is. However, back in 1930, Master Morya spoke of an approaching comet that would bring karmically purifying fires. Could it be that Apophis is the one of which He was speaking?

Today's Weather Report: Having just been outside trying to get the snowplow working, I can attest that it is frigid and feels much colder than the 9 degrees Fahrenheit it is. Must be the wind, which does it every time. Until talking with family last night, I had no idea that northern Texas took such a hit last week with ice and snow. Egad, last Friday they had 5 inches of snow! What's more, they are expecting more this week. Can't remember a year when Dallas got hit with winter storms more than us. Al Gore blames these freaky conditions here and in other countries on global warming. Many laugh at him because of the apparent paradox of his statement, but who is to say. I could see a scenario where excessively cold, snowy and rainy weather conditions could be caused by unusual warming elsewhere.

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