Sunday, February 13, 2011

Origen: Thou Art aSecond World in Miniature


~ Origen

Of Note: Legend has it that Origen, who returned to guide the fledgling Christian church from 185 - 254 AD, was an incarnation of Jesus. This theologian and Church Father was the first Christian scholar of his day and was "largely and ultimately responsible for the coalescence of Christian writing, which became the New Testament." During his heyday, he kept seven stenographers and an equal number of scribes busy taking down his works and was called upon to provide the final word on all matters relating to Christian theology. Origen promulgated the belief of Universal Salvation and the underlying need for purification of the soul through reincarnation. This idea was held by four of the six schools of Christian philosophy at the time and continued until the 6th century. During the politically-motivated Fifth Ecumenical Council in 553, Emperor Justinian's opposing idea of eternal damnation and torment was recognized as the truth. Following this pivotal gathering, Origen and others were declared heretics after which all their writings were destroyed. For this reason, Origen is little known outside academic circles and few of his works remain. It is a pity for he carried the torch of knowledge brought by Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato, whose scholarship has inspired and informed every generation since. It is predicted that one day Origen will return and take the reins of the Church, which denounced him. At that time, He will reintroduce the concept of Universal Salvation so sorely needed on Earth at this time, and the reign of terror brought by the concept of eternal damnation will end. That is the true meaning of liberation of which the recent Egyptian success is but a foreshadowing.

Today's Weather Report: Our January thaw has finally arrived at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow is melting from the roof. No sunshine has accompanied the day, however, so I would not go so far as to say it's balmy. My Esoteric Glossary: From the Writings of Blavatsky, Bailey and Roerich is in the proof stage and near publication. It is amazing to see years of work in one 264-page book, which will be available within two weeks on All proceeds will go to the Lucis Trust, which has kept the works of Alice Bailey and Master DK in circulation for 90 years or more.

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