Monday, January 25, 2010

To Listen Generously

When we listen generously to people,
they hear the truth in themselves
often for the first time.

~ Rachel Naomi Remen

Of Note: To listen requires a quiet mind. Rarely do we attain this state. Therefore, we rarely listen, let alone listen generously. I would venture to guess that if we would learn to listen with a quiet mind, we would also hear the truth in OURSELVES for the first time. That truth might be startling.

Today's Weather Report: The precipitation continues but has changed to what appears to be lake effect snow. That means instead of the heavy, wet flakes, they are now small and dry. I can understand after living in Wisconsin for 30 years why the Eskimos have so many names for snow. Each presents different challenges and opportunities. We will venture out to get some groceries shortly, and I will be much more attuned to the situation after that. My current information comes from my husband, who has been out to feed the boiler and plow, and from my own observations peering out the window. Temperatures the last several days have hovered in the low 30's but promise to plunge below zero this evening. This photo was taken on our lake last fall. Rarely do we get such a display. Note that if the picture was turned up-side down, it would be unlikely the viewer would know the difference.

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