Saturday, January 9, 2010


Recipients of our appreciation are apt
to express their own gratitude to others,
lengthening the unending, golden chain
of connections-in-goodness that
stretches across the world.

~Mary Ford Grabowsky
The Way of Mary

Of Note: Connectedness is a "catch-word" these days--but one with which we can certainly live. One day this word will replace the fear-filled words that dominate current news such as war, terrorism, and unrest. But unity, connectedness and brotherhood are gaining a hold. We know this when a global corporation presents awards to honor innovators from around the world who are applying technology to address humanity's most urgent challenges. A full page advertisement in TIME magazine highlighted The Tech Awards and listed the multinational companies sponsoring the program. Many times corporations get a bad name for their collective behavior which seems to work against the best interests of mankind. On the other hand, they also bring into fruition the best the human mind have to offer on the physical plane.

Today's Weather Report: It plunged to 20 below zero Fahrenheit again during the night but it must have only been for a short time because the shower line did not freeze. Two days ago Misty was joined by a 4-month old "brother" German Shepherd from the same parents but different litter. Little Chewy was pretty freaked out the first day because Misty, apparently recognizing her younger litter mate, wouldn't let the little thing alone. I use the word little lightly. Chewy weighed in at 37 lbs. today at the veterinarian and has paws larger than Misty's. This dog is going to be BIG--probably over 100 lbs.

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