Friday, January 29, 2010

The Malleable Cosmos

The cosmos is a completely malleable
experience that feeds back to us
what we want to perceive.

~Chris Ladue

Of Note: Some would argue that the cosmos is static--a concrete experience that is viewed by everyone the same. Others like this gentleman posit another thought which is very close to the concept that we create our own reality. Where the first belief leaves little to the imagination, the second makes the mind soar. Neither may be correct, but given a choice between the two, give me the second option and check back with me in about 10 years.

Today's Weather Report: It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit last time I looked but, when we awoke this morning, it was 20 below. I figured as much when I poked my head above the covers and was hit by a blast of cold in our unheated bedroom. We like it cold to sleep and get away with no heat because of a great heating blanket--but this was beyond cold. The puppies refused to go out at first. Finally duty called but they rushed back shortly. January is usually the coldest month of the year, and it is soon over. I can just feel spring around the corner.

Watch For Change Snippet: A woman named Kelly Kulick became the first female to win a Professional Bowlers Association tournament, beating a man in the Tournament of Champions. She said it was the yoga, extra gym time and country line-dancing that did the trick. Noting that the new champion would rather bowl in women-only pro events, the Wall Street Journal quoted her on their sports page as follows: " 'I don't want to have to bowl against the men full-time,' said Mr. Kulick." Seems the WSJ might owe Ms. Kulick an apology.

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Nancy Seifer said...

I am so grateful that the spirit behind Watch for Change continues to soar in 2010. I think it's the most inspiring blog I've ever come across. Wonderful daily "lessons" for spiritual seekers.