Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hidden Beauty in Every Crumb

Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary.
There are burning bushes all around you.
Every tree is full of angels.
Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb.

~Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB

Of Note: With all the apparent "evil" occurring in the world these days, the thought that holiness abounds in every crumb may be a new thought. Man may be responsible for arranging the crumbs in ways that have nefarious ends but the lighted substance at the core never changes. This nuclear sanctity is the guarantee of a future filled with Truth and Beauty, though at the moment that might be inconceivable with all that is transpiring on the physical plane.

Today's Weather Report: The sun, oh how glorious, the sun. It shone today even though it was cold, cold. We awoke this morning to 20 below zero Fahrenheit outside--inside, of course, it was a bit warmer though furnaces of any ilk have a hard time heating in extreme cold. Jim has faithfully filled our wood-boiler twice a day since November. He will continue to do that until April, or even early May. Although wood is less expensive than propane, it is also very labor intensive which is OK for now. As we age, that will change, of course.

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