Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Save the World While Brushing Your Teeth


Most people leave the faucet
running while brushing their teeth.
This wastes more than 2 gallons a minute!
This means your street alone could fill an
Olympic sized swimming pool each year.

This wastes huge amounts of water--
it's like having the toilet flush
the whole time you are on it.

So why not turn off the faucet
while you brush your teeth?


Of Note: The book from which this passage came, Change the World for Ten Bucks, went on to say: "We bet this is one of the actions you don't forget from this book. For some reason, it seems to strike a chord with everyone." The whole book was like this--each page spread contained one pithy idea and a great accompanying photo--50 in total. With the water down several feet in our lake over the last few years so that once covered logs are revealed, ideas about saving water always hit home. At our house, water comes from a well which has no chance of drying up any time soon but worldwide water shortages are real. Collectively, we live and die by water. Thus, every drop saved at a minimum may contribute to the collective consciousness regarding resource conservation and sharing and at the maximum may save a life.

Today's Weather Report: It is so nice when the weathermen get it right. At 26 degrees Fahrenheit today, it felt almost balmy outside. Tomorrow, we can hope for even a bit warmer. Others besides me are talking about a possible January thaw. I started walking on the treadmill a few weeks back and have chalked up over 10 miles already. This was the treadmill that Jim almost moved to storage last summer but I stopped him because I thought it might make good winter exercise. Good move. 5 minutes was all I did the first day but I've worked up to 30 minutes. If it makes me overly fatigued, I take the day off, and with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that is often. But the winters are long, and walking is often difficult outside; so, the treadmill is a good alternative to hibernating until gardening season begins.

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