Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Will Be Clear


~ Lord Chesterfield

Of Note: Politicians from both sides of the aisle might take a moment to pause and reflect upon the meaning of the Massachusetts Senatorial election on Tuesday. Their constituents seem to know more than they that a paradigm shift from separatism to unity and love is beginning to radically reshape the environment. The people elected President Obama with the hope that, true to his word, this message of change would be carried to Washington. It would appear that our elected leader saw that Washington was not ready for such enlightenment and joined in the fray with the thought that the end justified the means. Once again the people have spoken--that compromising approach will not do.

If I could send a message to Barack Obama it would be this: "Time to get back to the original message, Mr. President. It is not too late. What we want is loving LEADERSHIP based on wisdom coupled with the political will to carry an enlightened global agenda forward. That the people will rally behind you once again is not even a question because of a special lighted quality you carry. Take off the bushel basket and the light will shine once more." Yesterday the President announced a desire to work with both sides on upcoming issues. That would be a good start, but he might remember his role as LEADER. Given the right approach, I predict that he would be unstoppable.

Today's Weather Report: Nothing to write home about but it's a good day to be alive, none-the-less. The same cloudy and 20's. Our January thaw for one day last week was short lived. We will run into town today for errands and take the dogs. They enjoy the ride more than we enjoy them being in the car. Two large puppies riding as passengers is a real treat....especially when they try to jump into the front seat. But they have to learn so we all have to go through the process. What fun is all I can say!

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