Thursday, March 12, 2009

Understanding That Brings Peace



~Helen Keller

Of Note: Three major projects are taking my time these days and thus the blog has seen fewer entries. This is most likely a passing phenomenon. Thus, I promise to blog as often as possible without creating too much anxiety on this end because it is a joy to communicate in this way--out to the universe. In the quote above Keller speaks to the fact that understanding precedes peace not the other way around as so many think. When we move to the values that engender right human relations, then peace will prevail. Succeeding generations will wonder why it took us so long to figure it out.

Today's Weather Report: Spring has arrived in Texas apparently because Marie sent several colorful pictures this week of blooming flowers. What a wonderful world that she can take pictures on her iPhone and send them on directly, almost in real time. Here in the northwoods, it was -14 degrees Fahrenheit this morning but Jim said it should be the last time. Think I've heard that before! But full moons and subzero go together, and by the full moon next month we should definitely be past this extremely cold winter. After all, it will officially be spring by then.

Watch For Change Snippet: Planning for a peaceful future takes a group who believe that a world where right human relations prevails is not only possible but exists. After all, energy follows thought. Using the ancient psychological technique of AS IF, they meditate on this dynamic future. Some day, we will thank these forerunners for laying the groundwork that brought an upward shifting to a worn-out world where loving understanding was the exception rather than the norm. It would follow then that history would not be a good indicator of the future. Even now, studies are showing that experience is vastly over-rated and can be a liability in times of change. A professor in France who designed the study said that managers with 10 or more years of experience collectively generated higher costs, more errors and missed more deadlines. Another academic speculated that these men and women get set in their ways and can't change. If these were the only people creating the New World, we'd be in trouble. Thankfully, another group has the matter in hand.

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