Sunday, March 8, 2009

Right Where You Are



~Ram Dass

Of Note: This ethereal shot was taken not far from my front door a few years back and captures the scene exactly as it was that evening. Had I not been at that exact location at that moment, I'd have missed this mystical interplay of fog and twilight. One could say I was in the right spot at the right time. Ram Dass would say that we all are. Every day is of our own making for the purpose of the evolution of consciousness. The location is simply the backdrop to the real story of our interrelationships and resultant lessons. If we get too focused on the backdrop, the message might fly right by only making it necessary to return another time. Better to catch it the first time around in whatever place we are.

Today's Weather Report: In the 30's and cloudy. Apparently, the promised snowfall passed us by leaving a skating-rink where our driveway usually is. Jim went out to run yesterday on the road leading to the house and came back after only 10 minutes because of the slippery conditions. Today he went out to the main road and had better luck since the black top is now free of all ice. The houseplants know spring is coming and are sending out a myriad of of new shoots. The bonsai maple hasn't changed it's appearance yet from two sticks with buds, but the day is soon approaching when little leaves will begin to unfurl.

News You Can Use Snippet: Students at the University of Maine recently announced a prototype of an matchmaking wristband mounted with a series of LED lights called a "Friend Finder." Apparently, the gadget is first programmed with information about the wearers interests and tastes. Then, when another user with compatible interests is within 30 feet, the lights flash--"allowing humans to mimic the romantic signaling of fireflies." Must be that students at the University of Maine had too much time on their hands this past winter. Or maybe, this is merely a joke. Certainly meeting new people has not gotten so hard that we must mimic fireflies in their romantic pursuits which some might consider an evolutionary digression. Nope, Facebook is fine, but I'm not too sure about flashing bracelets.

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