Monday, March 2, 2009

Continuous Benevolence

The heart that has consecrated
itself to right human relations
radiates benevolence continuously,
independent of volitional sendings.
Similarly, the sun rays are not
sent with premeditation.

~M. Morya
Heart, 63

Of Note: You know how we try to be good all the time? Many times we are not successful, but many times we are. The Great Teacher Morya tells us that if our lives are consecrated to the will-to-good, the heart radiates benevolence involuntarily just like sunshine. This is our future as we strive toward ascent. Oh, how the Earth will sing when Humanity crosses this threshold.

Today's Weather Report: More below zero temps, and we are talking WAY below, like 25 degrees! The same is expected for tonight. Whatever happened to global warming. It seems to have missed us up here in northern Wisconsin. I will be editing my husband's book for the rest of the week so these blogs will be shortened a bit. There have been many, many edits over the last 5 or 6 years so no tears will be shed if this is the last time. Marie provided this luminous shot of a Texas sunset from a stroll last fall. Thanks for sharing!

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