Monday, March 23, 2009

Giving and Getting Back


~Grace Speare

Of Note: There is one really good way to give every only takes a couple of minutes and its FREE. Clicking on brings up a page with six tabs. By sequentially clicking through the six tabs, six different causes receive donations. All for a click. The site also has e-cards that often donate a book or food when the card is opened by a friend. As we learned the other day, a habit is established in only 21 days. So make this DAY 1. 21 days from now, you'll be glad you did.

Today's Weather Report: Who told the rain-gods to descend today with cold precipitation and a blustery wind? The predicters say it will be like this all week. Must be spring in the northwoods. I had wished for rain to clear out the rest of the snow in the woods but had in mind something warm. Guess I should have been more specific in my request. At least we are not getting the foot of snow engulfing the Dakotas with winds at 30 - 40 mph! I certainly can't wait until pictures are possible in Wisconsin like this one Marie took last week in northern Texas. Maybe come July!

Watch For Change Snippet: The day is fast approaching when the predominate hue in America will no longer be white. As a matter of fact, George Bush may be the last white-guy President for some time. Corporate America and its advertisers have taken notice. Companies that spend billions of dollars to influence us on a daily basis are leaping into "visual diversity,"the latest marketing strategy that shows commericals and print ads peppered with people of all races interacting normally. In the past, minorities were either invisible or viewed in subservient roles, said one professor at University of Texas at Austin who has studied the phenomenon. He opined: "Today we are starting to see blacks and whites together, doing the thing people do. Now, advertisers are not in a position of pushing social justice. But to the extent that they can put whites and blacks together in situations, I think that is a good thing." One ad agency executive went even further: "Going forward, all advertising is going to be multicultural by definition, because in most states, majority ethnic populations will no longer exist."

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