Friday, March 27, 2009

Loving the Light


~Og Mandino

Of Note: Many of these quotes, like the one above, come from That outstanding Website has a WORD FOR THE DAY feature that includes inspirational quotes from many of the greatest minds. God knows, we need all the inspiration we can get. Marie captured this photo of juxtaposed light and darkness. Although we always think of the sun as the source of light, form takes on new meaning when we think of it as darkness.

Today's Weather Report: A partly cloudy 20 degree day with the sun just trying to peek through. A most welcome sun at that. It snowed a little more last night so that a light blanket of white enshrouds the ground. That doesn't stop the cats who know it's spring, no matter what the weather conditions outside.

Watch For Change Snippet: Recently, a local physician received a state-wide award in Madison. It wasn't for a medical breakthrough or achievement, but rather for bringing free music lessons to local children. The story is heartwarming. In 1996 when the physician moved to the area, she began giving violin lessons to 6 kids even though she had only learned to play as an adult herself. Four years later she founded the Northwoods Strings, a program comprised of several instructors who provided free group and individual instruction to Hayward schools' adolescents. In 2007 the program expanded to the Lac Courte Oreilles reservation's Boys and Girls Club and Ojibwe School. 67 students are now enrolled in lessons provided for all the stringed orchestral instruments, and it's still free.

I happen to know this dynamic woman, and she is a powerhouse. At the same time this was going on, she also organized the Hayward Half-marathon (yes, she's a runner.) On top of that, her band, Duck For The Oysters, regularly entertains families at free concerts where all are encouraged to join in square dancing. I know; I went once. No shy participants were allowed. Everyone was encouraged to come on down to the dance floor where young and old alike let their inhibitions down. All left with smiles on their faces.

What did this visionary have to say in Madison as to why she continues to do what she does? Well, the reason shouldn't surprise us coming from a physician--it's all about brain development in children: "In educating our youth, more attention needs to be paid to the right side of your brain with more emphasis on imagination and creativity. Regurgitation is not the way to survive anymore. We need new ideas, new ways to approach things. It's not going to be about programing the computer. It's going to be about coming up with the games."

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