Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Desiring Others To Be Happy

Whatever joy there is in the world
All comes from desiring others to be happy.
And whatever suffering there is in this world
All comes from desiring myself to be happy.


Of Note: Every once in awhile, no words are needed to explain a very clear message. This is such a day. Marie captured these two dew-clad purple beauties in her garden last May. Even before spring has officially arrived, she's already ventured forth to local nurseries in search of new flower varieties. We look forward to seeing the bursts of color she sends for the blog! After all, my garden does not produce showy flowers until much later, so her contributions make us smile when flowers here are only a dream.

Today's Weather Report: It's 44 degrees and chilly, though the sun is out and creating long shadows in the remaining snow. The cats now have their tick collars on so they don't bring in "presents" from the fields. We have the first live bird in the house today compliments of one feline, most likely the king of the cats. I'm sure he was very proud of himself--and probably lost the bird when he meowed to let us know.

Watch For Change Snippet: Africa has been treated like a problem step-child for years. Many nations have thrown money at the situation with no real hope of change--more than a trillion dollars to date with little to show for the largess. At the insistence of the African people themselves, the situation may be taking a turn. Unlike the economic downturn in the rest of the world, growth in many parts of Africa is strong because of a stable market for its resources and a strong underground economy. Surprised? I was. While other countries may have ignored the continent except to send aid, China has invested heavily in industry but is also funding needed infrastructure, such as hospitals, roads and bridges. Many in Africa are grateful to be treated like legitimate trading partners rather than victims and would welcome more of the same. No one likes to be a beggar insisted one entrepreneur who little by little was bettering his life and that of his family. International powers might take note of an awakening spirit of the African people. Could be they collectively have much to teach the rest of the world about life, survival and simplicity--and business.

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