Friday, March 6, 2009

High Spots in Our Lives

There are high spots in all our lives,
and most of them come about through
encouragement from someone else.

~George Adams

Of Note: I have no idea who George Adams is, but he hit the nail on the head with these words. When looking back, how often can we confirm that one person has stood out as helpful during a rocky time? Usually, the light of helpful words or actions still shines many years later. In like manner, the Soul irradiates our path to the summit with loving promptings. We ascend not in darkness but in light. With gratitude. Just like with our friends.

Today's Weather Report: Puddles of water outside the front door greeted me this morning upon rising. The cat who looked out with me appeared puzzled at the sound of dripping off the roof. Then, he went tearing off over the melting snow to points beyond. Until the frost goes out of the ground, the road will be like mush and almost impassable. The only way to traverse the lane is to go fast and not stop for anything. Getting stuck is NO fun, let me tell you--unless you like to play in mud puddles.For some reason, Marie's pictures of Big Bend National Park are attracting my attention this past week or so. Must be because they were taken last April, and we long for April up here in the defrosting northwoods of Wisconsin.

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