Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peace Can Only Last

Peace can only last where
human rights are respected,
where the people are fed and
where individuals and
nations are free.

~14th Dalai Lama

Of Note: India, the adopted home of the the exiled Tibetan leader, has been hit by an as yet unnamed terrorist group in a series of bombs and other violent raids over the last two days. The 10 attacks were coordinated at 15 minute intervals. Watching it long distance was like watching a war movie. The thugs began the attacks by indiscriminately opening fire at one of the busiest train station in the world and moved on from there. Americans, Brits and Jews were the apparent targets, but these guys had poor aim for many others were killed. Countries around the world have decried the violent acts. Our hearts go out to the nation of India and all its people at this time.

Even in the face of such murderous behavior, however, I'm fairly certain the Dalai Lama would not change his attitude of non-violence and goodwill toward all. He would most likely concur with the Masters, who have promised that "goodwill is man's first attempt to express the love of God. Its results on earth will be peace . . . Goodwill really practiced among groups in any nation and among the nations can revolutionize the world." In a mere two sentences, these Elders go on to outline the problems preventing this from happening and the result: "The key to humanity's trouble has been to take and not give, to accept and not share, to grasp and not to distribute. War is the dire penalty which mankind has had to pay for this great sin of separateness." Though painful to watch, the exiled Buddhist leader knows that humanity will learn the lessons given time and that peace and goodwill will prevail in the end. He also knows, however, that it is up to a united humanity to decide the time frame, be it long or short.

Today's Weather Report: Snow greeted us this morning, just a light dusting as it turned out. Thanksgiving dinner found us at the house of my daughter's new in-laws in the next town over. Just the elders sat around chowing down smoked turkey and all the fixings thinking of the newlyweds in Florida enjoying their first holiday together. We will all be together again at Christmas with the kids joining the festivities. Thanks to Marie for this close-up photo of colorful Texas berries--perfect for this Thanksgiving post.

Watch For Change Snippet: Bombs are still a problem in Germany even 60 years after the big war ended. Surveying for new construction sites there includes ordnance checks, which over the years has uncovered many live 500 pounders and other aged but still deadly munitions. Worldwide, this detritus of war continues to maim and kill innocent people. It is thus refreshing to find that diplomats from around the globe met in May and decided that the use, development, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster bombs should be banned. While this does not cover all munitions like the bombs in Germany, it may be a start to ending humanity's utilization of these specific barbaric killing devices, whose purpose is to kill civilians both during and after a conflict. The signing conference sponsored by the United Nations is set for December 2 - 4.

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