Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Beneficent Universe

We ever live within the embrace of a beneficent universe,
wherein our natural birthright to experience the soul
qualities of love, joy, true happiness and serenity
is always ours to lose and cast aside, as opposed to
the popular view that it's something "taken away.
R. Andrew Griffiths
"Regarding the Soul's Purpose"
Of Note: The sky the other night was the most vivid shades of purple and red. I think meteorologically that particular sky means rain or something. But rain or not, it made me want to drink the vibrant colors in as a healing elixir. One of those gifts from the beneficent universe to be sure.
Today's Weather Report: Today on the way back from Chicagoland, we came through rain--a few sprinkles in Tomah or thereabouts. It looked cloudy in the distance for most of the trip. Funny thing though, when we'd get to the place "in the distance," the clouds were further still. South of Hayward, the sun popped out and road with us all the way home.

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