Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Chidlren As Teachers

While we try to teach
our children about life,
our children teach us
about what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt

Of Note: Weddings are a good time to recognize the meaning of families as incubators of love. Through families, we learn about sharing and caring, passion and compassion, sympathy and empathy. Can you imagine a day when we will feel about every member of humanity how we feel about our families? That day is coming. These two munchkins are my Texas grandkids who were taking ring-bearing duties very seriously at their aunt's wedding in September. This is the generation that will have much to teach their elders, starting most assuredly with their parents.

Today's Weather Report: Light snow is falling, though it's been heavy now and then. With temps in the teens, cold describes any experience outdoors today. Bone chilling, really. All the animals are huddled by the fire downstairs like there is no tomorrow.

Watch For Change Snippet: November 20th is Universal Children's Day--a recognition by the United Nations of the need to treat each and every child like a precious jewel. Worldwide this is not always the case, and millions of children go hungry or die from preventable diseases every year. Education is ultimately the key to a better life for our collective children. The world will change when they are taught the value of truth, a sense of justice, a spirit of cooperation, a sense of personal responsibility and the importance of serving the common good. With these attitudes institutionalized in coming generations, their subsequent actions will inevitably benefit the planet.

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