Saturday, November 22, 2008

Exploring the Uncharted

A paradoxical universe
requires enlightenment
to explore the uncharted.

Vincent Wee-Foo

Of Note: This scientist knows of what he speaks. He has taken on the whole astrophysicist colony by suggesting that the universe is a vortex in shape, which creates many illusions that throw the scientific community off. Even the venerable Big Bang would have to go as would an expanding universe. On his very illuminating website, Mr. Wee-Foo quotes Albert Einstein, who opined: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." While this maverick might not be on the right track either, it is good to know that other ideas exist about the origins of the cosmos which are not often printed in the popular press. Therefore, might I suggest a healthy degree of skepticism when looking at any complex subject understood by only a few?

Today's Weather Report: It was close to 0 degrees first thing this morning, though the sun is now out and may warm things up. At sunup, the bare branches sparkled in the light like jewels. It was a fleeting view, lasting only a short while. It warmed the heart, though, especially when watching in wonder with a cup of hot green tea in hand.

Watch For Change Snippet: Speaking of warming the heart, it was reported that Iraqi soldiers donated $500 to help California wildfire victims. What's more, this wasn't the first but rather the fourth time they reached into their pockets to help Americans. In the past they raised $1500 to aid those devastated by hurricanes Gustav and Ike and sent $500 to the National September 11th Memorial. These are impressive showings of solidarity and compassion from an impoverished people. On another front, Libya wants to invest in American companies through its sovereign wealth fund said the younger son of Mohammar Gadhafi, who was making the rounds in the United States. His visit coincided with the announcment of the first ambassador to Libya in 36 years. Seif al-Islam Gadhafi summarized his visit by saying: "We are good people and nice. We'll make business. We'll invest. We have friends here in the states, and we have a new chapter in the relations. Libya for the first time has normal relations with the rest of the world." Now that's progress.

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