Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pairs of Opposites

At levels of reality revelant to the human journey, duality often presents itself in the form of incompatible or conflicting pairs of opposites. It is easy to make a value judgment, identifying one as 'good' and one as 'evil.' However, from a different perspective, pairs of opposites provide opportunies for exploration, for experiencing consequences of each and learning the importance of balance. Until balance is attained, suffering and other 'evils' can be expected.
John Nash

>Of Note: The colorful inclusion in the rock above will one day be freed from its gray surroundings. Until that time many moons from now, the duality of light and dark will remain, always a reminder of imprisonment of one by the other. But liberation will come. That is the promise. Indeed, it is culmination of the law.

>Today's Weather Report: Very cloudy with thunderstorms forecast, though the sun keeps popping its head out to remind us its still above it all. Here at Mt. St. Mosback Monastery, we work for our heat, and each piece of wood is lovingly cut and stacked before being thrown into the maws of the hungry boiler. Every day of mild weather like this brings another day the guys can peck away at cutting the wood piles for later use. That's not a task to pursue mid-winter for sure.

>Watch For Change Snippit: After 27 years in prison, a convict in Texas, who never waivered in professing his innocence, was freed when DNA testing exonerated him from a murder he did not commit. He holds the distinction of being the longest held individual wrongfully held and subsequently liberated. The Innocence Project gets the credit for uncovering the grevious error. The state's District Judge said, "No words can express what a tragic story this is." All the ex-convict could say was thank god for the Innocence Project, who utilizes DNA testing and other methods to free wrongfully convicted prisoners.

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