Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leveling Creation

~Albert Einstein

>Of Note: In our ponds are a million frogs. Well, maybe not a million, but a whole bunch. These are fake ponds but the frogs don't seem to mind at all. They just go on reproducing year after year. You wouldn't know it by looking around here, but come to find out that amphibians--including frogs, toads and newts--have been dying off for a couple of decades at least. Many of the ones that do reproduce have deformities that has been linked to water contaminants such as antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. The reduction in habitat has also been assigned a place among the top reasons for frog loss. But, a new one to add to the list is a wee waterborne fungus called chytridiomycosis, an infectious disease that kills amphibians by the score. Because of my own personal experience with blastomycosis, this article in Discover Magazine caught my attention. The article went on to say that decline of amphibians may be just a harbinger of the "world's sixth mass extinction." Interestingly, ancient teachings predicted such an extinction to begin slowly right about now. Remember the darkness before the dawn law? Well, according to ancient texts, the purpose of an extinction is to destroy in order to rebuild a better model. Only our future selves would be around to see that--but our current versions may be on the cutting edge of such an event.

>Today's Weather Report: Here is where we go from the lofty to the mundane. Remember the gloomy weather yesterday. At least today the gloomy clouds are producing rain. Above it all is a full moon. So, if you feel a bit imbalanced this week, that could be the reason. Best to stay as centered as possible--even if that means taking it extra easy.

>Watch For Change Snippit: Because of my belief in reincarnation, I'm always looking around for the next genius who exhibits Einsteinian characteristics. It could be one Terrence Tao, a young mathematician out at the University of California. Among others heady pursuits, this brain is studying the distribution of prime numbers. For some strange reason not yet known to me, I've been doing the same. Not being a mathematician at all, rather more of an artist, my interest has been in the shapes created by prime number distributions. Huh, I can hear you say. As it turns out, when numbers are placed in a sequence of rows, spirals emerge all over the place and go in every direction. Even more interesting, the prime numbers happen to be the places where there are no spirals. While the subsequent pictures are intriguing, the real meat of the matter is the meaning. Could it be that at some level, led for example by an illustrious young mathematician named Tao, the collective consciousness is taking on this question?

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