Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nature: A Common Language

Like music and art,
love of nature is a common
language that can transcend
political and social boundaries.

~President Jimmy Carter

Of Note: Where political and social boundaries are amiss, nature has always taken a hit. Some of the most beautiful places on earth are also the most deadly. President Carter would have seen this over and over as he travelled the globe. This visionary may be on to something, however. If warring parties would put down their arms and open their eyes to the devastation of the land, sea, animals, plants and air that they have caused, a new era of rebuilding would surely dawn.

Today's Weather Report: The sun peeked out a few times this morning and was it a glorious sight to see! In November, I have to remind myself every day that above the gray clouds, a sun shines mightily. In between the sun show, flakes of snow wisped down as a reminder that I should not get too accustomed to seeing the glowing orb. The forecast is for an inch of snow today with temps in the 20's. FYI: we will be out of town for a few days, and thus, this blog will be out of town as well.

Watch For Change Snippit: On November 11, 2008 following a moving ceremony, a bridge reopened linking Sunni and Shiite neighborhoods after being closed three years ago following a rumor-driven stampede that killed almost 1,000 Shiites. The Sunnis were blamed and an intense mistrust followed, sparking the bridge's closing. This latest move is a sign of the detente growng between Sunnis and Shiites. Hundreds from the two neighborhoods walked across the now open bridge chanting: "Sunnis and Shiites are brothers." One Iraqi who attended the ceremony joyfully exclaimed: "We are very happy to see the bridge of solidarity being reopened. This bridge sends a message that Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites are brothers and that sectarian strife is over." Now the greater rebuilding can begin. Some day Iraq, the seat of an ancient civilization, will again flourish, and its antiquities uncovered to the delight of the world.

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