Friday, September 3, 2010

Those Who Persevere


~The Koran

Of Note: Ageless wisdom does not talk excessively about faith, hope and charity. What it does repeatedly mention is striving. It seems that besides just being a generally good person, the only thing we are asked to do is try, and keep trying even in the face of adversity. Striving indicates movement, and a continued push forward is required for the evolution of consciousness. Sometimes when it seems we are in a hole and stagnant, it is our soul's way of getting our attention for the next big push onward and upward.

Today's Weather Report: Alleluia, it was 48 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, and long pants were in order. Long pants and a fleece top, I might add. Did I mention that it was raining and has been all night? The black cat has found his way to my lap, and is purring and padding me softly. He and the dogs don't get along very well, but the dogs are gone at the moment, and the cat is taking advantage of the interlude. A friend came over for my husband's birthday on Wednesday and asked, "Where did all your flowers go?" I told him the show was over for the year. My sister provided me with an abundance of seeds from her Texas garden earlier this year, and those are the only flowers blooming at the moment--larkspur, zinnia, verbena, and marigold. The tomatoes are just coming in, but won't do much if the cooler temps keep up. So it goes.