Sunday, September 19, 2010

God Never Changes

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing dismay you,
All things pass.

God never changes,
Patience attains
All it strives for.

He who has God
Finds he lacks no-thing.
God alone suffices.

~St. Teresa of Avila

Of Note: This tree grows so slowly that it looks like it never changes but indeed it does. Conversely, some things change right before our eyes. Change is all around us and informs our every move. Without it, life and consciousness would not evolve. But St. Teresa said that God does not change. What does that mean? She may have meant that God simply IS in an unchangeable sort of way, and He sits over all of His creation as an uninvolved Entity. However, if we are God and our consciousness evolves as ageless wisdom postulates, then must not God evolve as well? Seems to me that would be the case. Not that I am smarter than St. Teresa, who was a venerated mystic. Thus, I would bet that she was saying, "For all practical purposes" God does not change as it would be so slowly as to be unintelligible. If that was the case, the dear saint and the ancient sages would align perfectly, and we could close our Sunday musings on God.

Today's Weather Report: If you can believe it, I did not step outside at all today. Not for one minute. I was busy inside working on a school report. Besides it was chilly. At 6:30 am when the dogs got me up to go out, it was 32 degrees Fahrenheit. That's freezing, and that's cold. It hasn't stopped the mosquitoes from swarming around my head as I worked at the computer today--cold temps or not. Something outside was making my dog go bonko this morning. It could have been the geese flying overhead making all sorts of racket. Or off in the distance a barking animal of some kind. Or something clinking around the barn. Whatever it was, the German Shepherds were unhappy and wanted us all up to know it.