Sunday, September 26, 2010

If We Have Lived Before

"If we have lived before," I am often asked,
"why don't we remember it?"

If we cannot remember last Monday,
how on earth do we imagine it would
be easy, or normal, to remember
what we were doing in a previous lifetime.

~Sogyal Rinpoche

Of Note: Rinpoche has a point, doesn't he? Besides, if we've been "one of each" in all those past lifetimes, would we want to remember them all? If we cannot even face our own death in this lifetime, would we want to reminiscence about all the thousands of deaths we had before? What would be the point? Only when there is reason for doing so, will we remember. But for most of us, that is a long time in the future--during another lifetime. Best to make the one we have the best there is.

Today's Weather Report: Happy Sunday with the sun shining and the leaves in a glorious array of fall colors. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, it was cold. By the looks of it though, the day will get up into the 50's. I will have to saunter down to the lake to see if it came up more after this past week of rain.