Friday, September 24, 2010

Peace is Not an Absence of War

Peace is not an absence of war.
It is a virtue, a state of mind,
a disposition of benevolence,
confidence, justice.

~Baruch Spinoza

Of Note: Spinoza was on to the something when he stated that peace was not an absence of war. This is where some peace activists go wrong with their rowdy protests. If the word LOVE was substituted for PEACE, we would be getting closest to describing it. If we are love, then we are peace. There would be no need to DO anything as the emanation of love/peace would literally change the environment, and wars would cease. Thus, be love and peace will follow. Be love and justice will prevail. Be love and cooperation will rule. That is our future.

Today's Weather Report: Blustery winds and clouds plus a light sprinkling of rain defines the morning. It must be fall. The leaves on the trees have changed to crimsons and golds overnight it seems. What a beautiful display! Two of the four cats have made peace with the dogs and now just saunter by without either of the pooches even lifting their heads. It's been almost a year--hey, better late than never. If the dogs and cats can do it, maybe the Israelis and Palestinians won't be far behind.