Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exactly the Same as Us

Imagine we are having
difficulties with a loved one,
such as our mother or father,
husband or wife, lover or friend.

Thinking of them as a real person,
exactly the same as us,
will open our hearts to him or her and
give us more insight into how to help.

~Sogyal Rinpoche

Of Note: Let's take this one step further. Imagine that we are having difficulties with the thought that every single member of humanity is our brother and sister. Thinking of them exactly the same as us may open our hearts and give us more insight into how to help. The Millennium Development Goals is an attempt at the global level to open our hearts and minds to end poverty by 2015. While few believe that poverty itself will suddenly end in 2015, the point of the Goals is to "point the way to a better world of which we all know humanity is capable and to encourage us to make that journey. The Goals provide direction, incentive and inspiration." On September 20 -22, the UN is hosting a Summit to see how far we have come in the 10 years since the Goals were created. For those interested in contributing, sending lighted thoughts toward the gathering of dignitaries might increase the likelihood of a successful meeting. Many are working on the mental plane in just this way. After all, change begins with a change of consciousness followed by action and not the other way around.

Eight Millennium Development Goals

1. End Poverty and Hunger
2. Achieve Universal Primary Education
3. Promote Gender Equality
4. Reduce Child Deaths
5. Improve Maternal Health
6. Combat AIDS and Malaria
7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability
8. Strengthen the Global Partnership

Today's Weather Report: Although it was quite chilly and drizzling this morning, at 6 pm it is in the high 60's with the sun shining through scattered clouds. With a slight breeze, it was perfect weather to cut the grass this afternoon. I thought mowing would be done by now, and may even have stated that right here--but alas, no. Every time I mow I think maybe it's the last time. That appears to be wishful thinking on my part. Because of all the rain this summer, the dock is partially submerged. The "Dock Doctors," who installed it this spring, are going to have to lift it up a tad. The mosquitoes are the other beneficiary of the rain, and bug spray is a mandatory requirement when working outside.