Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Be Loved Like the Sun

Even as the sun does not quit for
prayers and incantations to rise
but shines forth and is welcomed by all;
So thou also wait not for clapping of hands
and shouts of praise to do thy duty;
But do good of thine own accord and thou
will be loved like the Sun.


Of Note: The building of a mosque/community center by the site of the World Trade Center is causing quite a stir. Many lament that it is disrespectful to have a mosque built near this "sacred site" because the buildings were destroyed in the name of Islam. Those building the mosque say that they want to promote peace and harmony among and between all and believe the site is a perfect place to accomplish that objective. Mayor Bloomberg says religious tolerance is part of our Constitution and an honored tradition in New York City. Emotions are running high. The question is this: will emotions trump religious tolerance?

Today's Weather Report: A slight breeze is rustling the popple leaves which is making a whooshing sound. Sun is glimmering off them as well with different shades of green shining forth. A perfect day in the neighborhood with temps in the 70's. We had more rain showers yesterday afternoon that came through quickly and left quickly. I was painting and thought I might have been hearing things as the sun was shining on my side of the barn. Looking out on the other side of the barn revealed dark clouds and rain. The dogs, who were playing in the garden stream, were oblivious to the whole thing.