Friday, August 13, 2010

Spiritual Isolation as Liberation

For it is not physical solitude that
actually separates one from other men,
not physical isolation, but spiritual isolation.

It is not the desert island nor the stormy
wilderness that cuts us from those we love.

It is the wilderness of the mind,
the desert wastes in the heart through
which one wanders lost and a stranger.

When we are a stranger to ourselves then
we are estranged from others too.
If we are out of touch with ourselves,
then we cannot touch others.

~Anne Morrison Lindbergh

Of Note: I know several people right now who are having the spiritual fights of their lives physically, emotionally and mentally. Most of them are entrapped in the foggy emotional realm and unable to see with clarity the road ahead. This also describes humanity as a whole, which is in an unprecedented spiritual crisis. Embroiled in chaos, we cannot distinguish what is Real. It is the struggle, however, which provides the deliverance. Without it, no evolution of consciousness would be possible because the chaos would appear quite satisfactory, thank you--as it does to many before they say "Enough! Please." In the struggle is liberation. That is a surprise to many who think spiritual evolution equates to an easy Path. The sooner we realize the truth and step up to the plate, the sooner we will transcend the fog.

Today's Weather Report: Brutal heat and humidity continue. If we could, our tongues would be hanging down to the ground, just like the dogs. More rain fell late last night just like every night or two most of the summer. The lake is filling up and the exposed logs along the edges are no longer so. These logs are left overs from the logging era in the late 1800's when this lake was part of the Namekagon River. Because of the elbow bend in the river that is now the lake, many logs got stuck along the sides. Later the river was diverted to the other side of this property to make a straight-away. The loggers were happy with no more bends, and we got a pretty lake. The story is contained in my husband's comprehensive history of the area. His book has been selling like hotcakes this summer--in the hundreds not thousands, mind you. We have been told his book fills a niche to those interested in local history as it spans 350 years. Considering we never expected to sell more than a few, this whole experience has been a pleasant surprise.